Industrial Compressors

Our Product Range

  • ALMiG Combi
  • ALMiG Belt
  • ALMiG Variable
  • ALMiG Gear
  • ALMiG Flex
  • ALMiG V and G Drive

ALMiG Combi

The AlMiG Combi, fast becoming the market leading full feature Air Station. 5.5 kw – 22 kw, there is a Combi available for most small to medium sized industrial operations. With variable speed options available at 11 & 22 kw sizes. Minimal Installation costs combined with maximum efficiency.

ALMiG Belt Series

The perfect compressor for continuous load around the clock. Low-maintenance V-belt drive, good long-term performance. Extremely cost-effective and reliable with low maintenance costs.

The BELT;- Series ensures your company benefits from a high compressor output and reliability around the clock. The tenacious compressors are fitted with a low-maintenance V-belt drive, which transfers the 4 – 200 kW of power with virtually no losses. This means that the compressor makes full use of the motor’s output.

ALMiG Variable Series

Variable Speed compressors for maximum cost-effectiveness. Intelligent SCD technology. Speed control. Direct drive. Steeples mains pressure of 5-13 bar.

The speed-controlled VARIABLE series has been developed with the latest knowledge drawn from international research.
Market analysis shows that on average compressors only have a utilisation rate of around 50–70 %.

Maximum delivery volume is only needed during peak times. So we developed ALMiG SCD technology, to enhance partial load applications, and reduce energy consumption.

ALMiG Gear Series

Tough compressors for applications requiring a large amount of compressed air. High delivery volume (up to 71.15 m³/min). Robust drive motor. The “Gear” is easy to maintain and service, with highly efficient air/oil separation.

The GEAR series of screw compressors designed for very high compressed air requirements. The product range includes delivery volumes of 3.58 – 71.15 m³/min at max. Operating pressures of 8, 10 and 13 bar. The maintenance and service-friendly drive concept of the GEAR compressors includes a robust drive motor, and delivers minimum slip, high reliability, virtually free of losses.

ALMiG Flex Series

The speed-controlled, directly driven compressors of the FLEX series are based on cutting edge research and technology and are used wherever compressed air is to be generated by a small, compact and extremely quiet system.

Because of the integrated single-shaft solution, the sound level of these small screw compressors is around 60 dB(A).

  • FLEX standard variant – FLEX receiver variant
  • FLEX “PLUS” variant with refrigeration dryer fitted underneath
  • FLEX “PLUS” variant with receiver
  • FLEX “O” variant with refrigeration dryer and filter system for generating oil-free compressed air
  • FLEX “O” variant with receiver

ALMiG V and G Drive

Whatever you require we can provide the solution.

ALMiG have introduced to the UK the V Drive & G Drive range 30 & 37 Kw compressors.